Monday, September 27, 2010

Assalamualaikum and good day...

This is my introduction, 
everything happened for a reason...
can't believe i've created a blog...lots of people asked me to create a blog, but i'm too scared to start a new thing as i don't know when n how to start. but now, suddenly it came across my mind and now i've already own one.  i'll treat this blog as my personal diary. sharing the things that i experience and in the same time voicing out my thought. 

Basically, this blog will going around;
  1. my life as a final year engineering student who is struggling to finish my final year project (FYP)
  2. my huge passion towards food, especially Malaysian's
  3. my journey with my family and friends
  4. my interest towards Korean Pop
  5. my reads, thoughts and everything that i feel like spilling out...

So, for those who are not into other person's life,  you should stop reading now...hahaha...despite of trying to the best and perfect, i'll try to make this blog as friendly as i can.

ok, i'll stop for now. selamat berkenalan dan semoga ukhwah di sini akan berkekalan...sweet smile... :)

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